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Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association

Recent Meeting Minutes









The Fourth regular meeting of 2007 was called to order by   Pres.Mike DelGrosso at   10:00AM,

 October 14, 2007 At Shrewsbury High School, Shrewsbury, Ma.   He thanked Ray Gouley for arranging the Shrewsbury High School for a meeting place and providing lunch.

Attendance was taken by sign in sheet. 27 members were in attendance. 13 local Boards were represented.

 Dave Novia of Wilson Sporting Supply of Worcester,

 gave a presentation and displayedMajestic Umpiring


 Tom Clews, State Interpreter gave a presentation

on three umpire mechanics, with a Handout. An

addendum to the current MBUA two umpire mechanics

manual will be made by Tom. He also spoke on

on-Field Communications, and Handeling game


The membership thanked Tom for an outstanding presentation & interpretation.

 A session of Q&A was well received with much


The business meeting was called to order-----

      1.The Financial Report was submitted by D. Magee,    

       Account balance as of  10/10/07

        was $1969.52 and unanimously approved.

2.      Minutes of the  4/29/07  & 6/24/07 meetings were circulated  and approved unanimously

3.      President DelGrosso commented on the importance of all boards having representation at all MBUA meetings.

4.      The resignation of D. Magee as Secretary/Treasure was submitted and accepted.

It was unanimously voted that Bryan Andrade be appointed Sec/Treas for the balance of the term, until October 2008. M. DelGrosso and the membership thanked D. Magee for an outstanding job.

5.        Dates for the next MBUA meetings were set----

       Jan 27/08(MIAA Baseball Committee

Report), Mar 9/08(Interpreters Meeeting),

April 13/08 .(100 Innings game discussion)

Future Meetings TBA

6.      Discussion of a request from Newburyport

     group to join MBUA was rejected, due to

Softball  & Little League priorities. It was

recommended their interested umps join MVBUA.

7.      B. Dwyer reported on Honig discounts for

      equipment & uniforms of 10%, also a new

      packag for new umpires. 

       8. .   Meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm after luncheon

                                                         David W.Magee                                                                                           Secretary/Treasurer


                                                                                 Web Site


 Cape Cod, NONE                                                         Merrimack Valley, R Chabot, S Martinelli, C Gurl

Central,  M DelGrosso, R. Guertin, S Kedsi          No. Central,B. Fahey, B. Smith, E Cataldo

Eastern,  J Walker, T. VClews                                No. Shore, R. Cowdell

Great. Berk, R. Pothier, D. Singleton                     Shrewsbury, R. Gouley

Great. Law, D. Nugent                                                  Southeastern, B Kehoe, S Vieira

 Great. Lowell,  D. Magee, L Avila                        Southern, D. Fredericks, A. Stronak, D. Quimby

  Hamp/Franklin, NONE                                     South Shore, W. Bentson

                                                                                D. DiMare                                                                            

                                                                                        Western, J. Matthews                                                           













Meeting Minutes 1/27/08

                    MBUA MEETING

* Called to order by President DelGrosso at 10:10

* October 07 Minutes accepted

* Treasures Report read and accepted

* MBCA Annual Coaches Clinic - Friday,February 1 at Wyndham Hotel in Westboro
  DelGrosso,Clews will attend - "Collision Rule" is the topic

* MIAA Baseball Committee Report
  NFHS ReEntry for the entire Tournament accepted
  Reebok will now supply Tournament baseballs
  Sportsmanship Handshake mandated for the Tournament
  Discussion: Fredericks,Avilla,Andrade,DelGrosso

* MBUA Web-site
  Posting link,members only link,site has to be interactive,associate webmaster
  Ed MacAvinn from the SSUA and Brian Dickinson from the SMBUA are interested in being webmaster
  Discussion: Andrade,Dwyer,Walker,DiMare,Bentson,DelGrosso

* Recommended jacket - vendor
  Any vendor that supplies the jacket that will be MBUA unform code as of 2009 not just the three suppliers listed on the meeting agenda
  Discussion: DelGrosso,Matthews,Avilla 

* MBUA Workshop
  1 day,3 or 4 hour clinic,mid March/early March
  Bad Timing for 08 - try for 09
  Discussion: DelGrosso,Kehoe,Prisco

* MBUA Service Award
  AGENDA ITEM for March 08 meeting - 'Criteria for Award'
  Motion: "Move forward with service award with service criteria to be determined"  Dwyer / DiMare
  Discussion: DelGrosso,Andrade,Kehoe,Dwyer,Cataldo,Shaw,Cowdell,Matthews

* MBUA Nominations
  Reminder that Vice President,Secretary/Treasurer and Interpreter are to be elected this coming October
  Discussion: DelGrosso

* Post Game Handshake
  Positioning mechanic for handshake,penalty for unsportsmanlike act,nothing has changed for 08 season except that handshake requirement is 'recommended' and the umpires can stay to moniter the handshake if they wish, Tournament Post Game Handshake is mandated,NCAA post game penalties for unsportsmanlike act presented
  AGENDA ITEM for March 08 meeting - Post Game Handshake
  Discussion: DelGrosso,Fredericks,Matthews,Primue,DiMare,Vieira,Panza,Walker,Bentson,Prisco,Dwyer,Andrade

* Other Business
  Fuel Reimbursment,game start times not being adhered to
  Discussion: Gouley,DelGrosso,Andrade

  ABUA web-site has MBUA Two Man Mechanics Manual on their web-site
  Not copyrighted
  Discussion: Vieira,DelGrosso,Walker,Andrade

* Adjourn
  12:14  Fahey/Panza

* Light lunch followed meeting

  (2 Copies each,of the MBUA 3 Man Mechanics Manual,developed by Interpreter,Tom Clews,were given to each association in attendance as well as a copy of the 2008 MBUA State Baseball Exam with an accompanying Answer Sheet)

Cape Cod: Shaw,Mason
Central: DelGrosso,Dwyer
Eastern: Walker
Greater Lawrence: Simm
Greater Lowell: Cohen,Avilla,Tatarouns
Merrimack Valley: Chabot
North Central: Fahey,B.Smith,Cataldo
North Shore: Prisco,Primue,Cowdell
Shrewsbury: Gouley
South Shore: Panza,Bentson,DiMare
Southern: Fredericks,Quimby,Crossman
Southeastern: Kehoe,Vieira,Andrade
Western: Quinn,Matthews

                                                Bryan Andrade


APRIL 29, 2007 Meeting Agenda







Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association

Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association