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Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association

Rules Revisions (2007)

  Rule 1
   The pitcher can now use a multi-colored glove provided it does not contain white or gray,or in the judgement of umpire is distracting.
  Rule 4
   (a)Regulation tie games have been eliminated.Games that are tied after reaching regulation, are now suspended. Previously they would be played in it's entirety.
   (b) Protests must be made before the next pitch or attempted play.
   Rule 6
   (a)If a batter refuses to take his position in the batters box it is an
 automatic strike. Previously the pitcher had to pitch the ball for a
 strike to be called. The ball is dead and no runners may advance.
  (b) The batter is now required to leave one foot in the batters box
 unless one of eight exceptions occur. (Experimental)
 (c) Catching the ball in the dugout is prohibited. The fielder may
 lean into the dugout but may not step in to make a catch.
  (d) Illegal bat-- A batter shall be deemed to have used or attempted to use an illegal bat if he brings such bat into the batters box.
 (e) Batter becomes a runner after a dropped third strike---
 The batter is now out if he leaves the dirt circle around home plate
en route to the dugout or his defensive position. Previously he could
run to first if he had not reached the dugout or defensive position.
 Rule 7
  (a) Runners are awarded one base for a pitched ball touched by a cap, glove, mask, or any part of the uniform detached.
 Rule 8
  (b) A pitcher may have a portion of his pivot foot in contact with the
 rubber, as opposed to his entire foot. Also in the windup he is
 allowed to have his free fot at either side of the rubber and to step
to either side of the rubber.
 (c) Pitchers now have 12 seconds (not 20) to deliver the next pitch
 with no runners on base. Timing starts when the pitcher has the ball
and the batter is in the box.
The force play slide rule is modified if a pop-up slide results in contact
on top of the base it is legal.
Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association