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This organization shall be known as the Massachusetts Baseball Umpires' Association (MBUA).


A. The purpose of this organization is to represent and create an atmosphere among members that will enable the MBUA to present a united front on issues that are common to all Member Boards, and to improve and maintain high standards of baseball officiating.

B. To cooperate with the coaches, athletic directors, and other organizations in everything pertaining to the advancement of baseball.

C. To carefully study the interests of baseball, to render observations, recommendations, and/or decisions, where appropriate, on any matters referred to it by Member Boards.

D. To promote the uniform interpretation and administration of baseball rules by all MBUA umpires.

E. To establish a uniform set of game fees and working conditions whether it be league-conference-or independent schedule of high school level within the state.


A. Any group of umpires who are recognized members of a Local Board can, with permission of the Local Board, request membership in the MBUA. Approval of this request by full membership of the MBUA is necessary (by 2/3 vote).

B. Any group of people who have not held membership in a local recognized Board of Baseball Umpires, prior to their application for membership in the MBUA, as baseball umpires, shall be administered an examination by the MBUA. All who pass the investigation and examination will be voted on by the full membership (2/3 consent necessary for acceptance).

C. The MBUA shall consist of two (2) representatives or their alternates elected or appointed by each Member Board. Each representative present shall have one (1) vote and the vote of the majority of all representatives present shall prevail in all maters except amendments to this Constitution and disciplinary actions taken by the MBUA.

The Secretary of each member board shall furnish yearly to the Secretary of the MBUA a Directory of that Member Board.

D. Discipline. Any individual MBUA member or any Member Board in violation of the MBUA Constitution, policies, or decisions shall be subject to disciplinary action as determined by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the representatives present at a MBUA meeting. An individual or Board disciplined by MBUA may appeal in writing to the MBUA Secretary within fifteen (15) days of the date notified of discipline. The MBUA will hold a meeting within sixty (60) days of such appeal. The two-thirds (2/3) vote is required for the final decision.

E. Uniform. A standard uniform for all MBUA umpires will consist of navy (blue) blazer, gray slacks, light blue turtleneck,or navy (blue) pullover or micro-mesh short sleeve shirts with red white and blue trim , OR LIGHT BLUE MICRO-MESH SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS, OR RED MICRO-MESH SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS, navy (blue) hat with MBUA lettering, navy (blue) windbreaker pullover. Sized hats are recommended. Patches on shirts and jackets are mandatory. BOTH/ALL UMPIRES MUST WEAR THE SAME UNIFORM.


A. The MBUA shall be governed by an Executive Committee elected by the representatives of the Member Boards.

B. The MBUA consists of the following Boards:

1. Berkshire
2. Cape Code
3. Central Massachusetts
4. Eastern-New England
5. Greater Lawrence
6. Greater Lowell 7. Greater Shrewsbury
8. Hampshire-Franklin
9. Merrimack Valley
10. North Central
11. North Shore
12. South Shore
13. Southeastern
14. Southern
15. Western Massachusetts

C. The Executive Committee shall consist of:

1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary/Treasurer
4. Interpreter

D. The President and Vice President shall serve two (2) year terms, not succeed themselves, and the Vice President shall be elected.

E. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected for a three (3) year term and may succeed himself for any number of three (3) year terms.

For his services, the Secretary/Treasurer is to receive $300.00 annually.

F. The Interpreter shall be elected for a three (3) year term and may succeed himself for any number of three (3) year terms.

G. Two representatives or officially authorized alternates or designees shall attend each MBUA meeting with the authority to exercise the two (2) votes of each particular Board.

Names of representatives must be listed with the MBUA Secretary prior to the October meeting. Alternates or designees attending MBUA meetings must be authorized by the President of their respective board.


A. President: To preside and schedule all meetings; to have authority to appoint any committees as needed.

B. Vice President: To take over in the absence of the President.

C. Secretary/ Treasurer: Responsible for recording the minutes of all MBUA meetings. Notification to all representatives of meetings. To send minutes of meetings within twenty (20) days to Secretaries and Representatives of Member Boards. To collect assessments and monies due MBUA as determined by MBUA; pay all bills pertaining to MBUA business; render a financial report at the October meeting of each year.

D. Interpreter: To render aid and assist all Board Interpreters in any problems arising with regards to the Official Rules of Baseball. To provide the annual exam, answer sheet with reference.


A. Annually, each Member Board shall contribute to the Treasurer such amounts as deemed necessary to defray expenses of the MBUA as per recommendation of the Treasurer and approved by the representatives. Annual dues of $100.00 per board per year are payable to the Treasurer on or before August 1 for the following season.

B. Each Member Board shall be assessed a one hundred ($100.00) dollar initiation fee upon acceptance into MBUA.


A. There shall be three (3) meetings annually. One each in January, March, and October, and at such other times as the President deems necessary to call.

B. A quorum shall consist of at least one (1) representative from a minimum of six (6) Member Boards.

C. Election of Officers will be held at the October meeting.


A. The MBUA shall act as the sole bargaining agent for all Member Boards.

B. The decisions of the MBUA in all maters shall be binding on all individual MBUA officials and Member Boards and there shall be no appeal.

C. The MBUA will not intervene in the internal affairs of any Member Board, nor will it take any action on any maters which are in conflict with policies of the MBUA.

D. MBUA may hold hearings on internal conflicts of any Member Boards if the request is made to the MBUA in writing by the President and Secretary of such Member Board. The MBUA will render its observations, recommendations, and/or decisions as requested by such Board.

E. Member Boards not in conflict with MBUA, but in conflict with other Member Boards will be granted the same consulting services by MBUA as in Article VIII, Section D, provided the request is made by all parties concerned in writing. Findings of MBUA shall be valid and binding only if prior agreement of such exists between/among all Boards concerned.

F. Member Boards not in conflict with MBUA, but in conflict with Boards in another state may request consulting services of MBUA.

G. Where provisions in Local (Area) Constitutions are deemed in conflict with the policies of MBUA, policy as set forth by MBUA will prevail.


A. The Secretary of MBUA shall be notified in writing of any proposed change in the Constitution thirty (30) days prior to a scheduled meting of the MBUA. A copy of the proposed amendments shall be sent to the Secretary and representatives of each Member Board fifteen (15) days prior to a scheduled meeting of MBUA. Any amendment to the Constitution which meets the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the Member Boards will become effective immediately thereafter.


It is recommended for MIAA tournament qualifications that each umpire have five years varsity experience and should have umpired ten varsity baseball games during the current season.