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Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association

          At Septemberís meeting (
9/28/08), MBUA Meeting an issue was brought to the floor concerning fee structure and the prevailing problems of transportation costs. Discussion of the matter led to a motion being made to study the possibility of taking a proactive approach to addressing the problem.

          Motion: "Assemble a sub committee to speak with other sports state boards to talk about fee structure and the effects of fuel / transportation costs on officials"   
                                Evans / Dietlin    Passed

          It was then asked that the Secretary / Treasurer e-mail the state wide membership seeking volunteers to serve on the sub committee. Mike Evans (GBUA) will Chair the sub committee.

Upon receipt of this notice please poll your memberships for committee members,as many will be needed, to canvas as many local sports officials associations as possible. Finding a solution to the rising costs of transportation for all officials in the state of Massachusetts is an issue that 3% increases recommended by the MIAA (although they, the MIAA, say that fuel costs are factored into the 3% increase) will not address.

          Anyone wanting to assist in enabling the motion presented can reach Mike Evans directly to begin the process. Mikes' contact information can be found at the bottom of this notice
          Thank you for your diligence and devotion.

                                        Bryan Andrade
                                  Secretary / Treasurer,MBUA

Mike Evans
Ensign Ave.