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Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association

'08 Meetings & Minutes

MBUA Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2008


* President DelGrosso called the meeting to order at 10:06

* President DelGrosso explained the MBCA Coaches Clinic situation -reasons why the group (DelGrosso,Clews and Canastra) didn't make the trip to Westboro (foul weather).   Accept Motion: Peters/Gouley...Accepted

* Minutes from January 27 MBUA Meeting read and accepted...Shaw/Chabot

* Financial Report accepted...Chabot/Gouley

* MBUA Service Award Criteria
Discussion: Matthews, Shaw, Matinelli, Clews, Fredericks, Kehoe, Walker, Galvin, Andrade

MBUA Service Award Criteria: To recognize a member of the MBUA State Board for meritous service to the state board of the MBUA.  To be awarded when deemed appropriate, based on a nomination for the service award as received by the MBUA Secretary/Treasurer from the membership of the MBUA state board.

Length of Service: Service rendered to the state board over a significant period of time will be a consideration

Level of Service: Service rendered is a significant contribution of time and effort to the MBUA state board. The impact of the individuals contribution is of such significance that recognition by an award is merited.

Attitude: Service has been rendered in a spirit of cooperation, with a friendly demeanor, in a consistent manner.

A nomination for the Service Award will follow the following channel.  Documentation will first be provided to the MBUA Secretary/Treasurer who will then take it to the other members of the MBUA Executive Board. They (the MBUA Executive Board) will serve as a 'Nomination Committee'.  If the MBUA Executive Board feels the nomination is merited they will then forward said nomination to the MBUA State Board, at a regularly scheduled MBUA Meeting. The MBUA State Board will then vote to approve or deny said nomination for the Service Award at which time a date will be set to present the Service Award or the MBUA Secretary/Treasurer will be empowered to send a letter of regret to the nominating party.

Motion to accept:  Martinelli/Matthews   Accepted

* ALS Update

Event has been moved to Labor Day weekend - First pitch will be at 9AM,Saurday,August 30 and the event will continue through to Sunday, August 31.  Adams Field in Quincy is the selected site - there will be a Quincy City Meeting to firm up plans for Adams Field on April 7

Discussion; Bentson, Chabot, DelGrosso

* Post Game Handshake
Post Game Handshake Insurance issues, umpire jurisdiction issues, umpire exit strategy, site directors, NCAA 'Post Game Ejection' (2 game suspension for players and  coaches)

DelGrosso, Simm, Clews, Fredericks, Hillier, Bentson, Walker, Peters, Delaney, Avila, Martinelli, Evans

Motion: A letter to be drawn up from the President of the MBUA to the MIAA about our concerns over umpire jurisdiction, umpire exit strategy, insurance and site directors. As part of the communication we (the MBUA) would like to be placed on the agenda of the upcoming GOC Meeting on March 31,2008 to be heard on the previously mentioned matters.   

Chabot/Peters   Approved

* Post Game Handshake Mechanic
Different approaches to the best vantage point to monitor the Post Game Handshake as well as the best exit strategy for the game umpires
(first base line, third base line, closest sideline to the umpire enter/exit point, in front of home plate, behind home plate)

Discussion: Shaw, DelGrosso, Walker, Peters, Fredericks, Martinelli, Simm, Cataldo, Andrade, Galvin

Motion: The 'Post Game Handshake' shall be monitored from a position not than 30 feet away from the area where the handshake takes place (home plate primarily). The umpires will be positioned between home plate and the pitchers mound or between home plate and the backstop. The head coaches of both teams will be notified at home plate, during the lineup card exchange, where the umpires will be positioned for the 'Post Game Handshake'.  Chabot/Martinelli    Approved 25-3

President DelGrosso would like all associations to emphasize to their membership that the head coaches be made aware of the position the umpires will be utilizing to monitor the 'Post Game Handshake', as well as emphasizing to their membership that the umpires should exit the field
 together (as a team) at the completion of the days event.

* Nominations

President DelGrosso reminded everyone that nominations for Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Interpreter are still being accepted for the upcoming October, 08' election.  Discussion: DelGrosso

* Interpretations/Rule Changes

MLB has made a change in the 08' rules requiring base coaches to wear protective head gear (helmets). The change will be in a press release scheduled for March 15 and in the publishing of rule books scheduled for purchase as of April 1 from Triumph Publishing.  The MIAA is not going to implement any change in headgear (helmet) regulations until they meet with their (MIAA) safety committees but, will honor leagues who decide to install a rule requiring base coaches to wear protective head gear (helmets).

The 'Collision Rule' needs a clarification in the "Blue Book" to list it as a MIAA Modification the same as the 'Force Play/Slide Rule'. At the present time only the 'Force Play/Slide Rule' shows up as a modification.  Discussion: Clews, DelGrosso, Quimby, Peters

* Other Business

Tournament  assignment qualifications.  It is recommended that any umpire assigned to work a MIAA Tournament game have at least five years experience and have worked at least ten varsity games that season.  Discussion: Evans, Fredericks, Matthews, Avila, Hillier

MBUA mandatory jackets for 2009:  Honig's,Gerry Davis and Majestic are three suppliers who carry them  Discussion: Hillier, Andrade

* Recruitment,fees:  Recruitment is difficult - our fees do not equate to our value  Discussion: Gouley

* Next scheduled MBUA Meeting:  April 13,2008

* Adjourn:  12:07   (Shaw/Peters)...Approved

Cape Cod: Delaney, Shaw
Central: DelGrosso
Eastern: Clews, Walker
Greater Berkshire: Dietlin, Evans
Greater Lawrence: Simm
Greater Lowell: Avila, Tatarouns
Hampshire/Franklin: Hillier
Merrimack Valley: Chabot, Galvin, Martinelli
North Central: Cataldo, Smith
North Shore: Prunier
Shrewsbury: Gouley
South Shore: Bentson, Peters
Southern: Fredericks, Quimby
Southeastern: Andrade, Kehoe, Vieira
Western: Kane, Matthews, Quinn

(Bryan Andrade:  Secretary/Treasurer, MBUA)

 Next Meeting --April 13, 2008
(More details to follow)
Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association